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The deal, in which Aetna proposed to buy Humana for $37 billion, has been ruled anticompetitive by US District Judge John Bates. "In this case, the government alleged that the merger of Aetna and Huma.

The listing of providers in this directory is a not a guarantee of benefits for the services they provide. Some hospital- based physicians such as anesthesiologists, pathologists, radiologists, neonatologists, and emergency room physicians may not be network.

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Broward was also among 364 counties in 21 states where Aetna and Humana were both selling medicare advantage plans that also stood to suffer from the loss of competition, the government argued. CEO of.

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Welcome to Aetna's Participating Provider Directory for Federal Employees. When researching Pharmacy all members will choose the Aetna National .

The Medicare Advantage coverage posed the larger antitrust concern, as investigators for the government identified 364 counties in 21 states where they believe a combined Aetna/Humana would have marke.

U.S. attorneys argue Aetna-Humana deal violates antitrust law – Aetna defended the deal on Monday, arguing that medicare advantage competes with the government’s traditional Medicare program for elderly or disabled patients. It also said that it plans to stay out.

Bates also rejected assertions that the loss of Humana as a competitor to Aetna wouldn’t matter because other companies would bring fresh competition in Medicare Advantage. The government had describe.

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